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Sire: CH Brady's He's Soo Telstar

Dam: Rosehill's Sweet Abbigale

Kingston is Co-Owned with Maribel Sanchez and Mo Montes.


Kingston is avalible for stud to approved bitches. 

Health Testing 

Echco: Clear

Holter : 0 VPCS


Orange Coast Boxer Club  

3 pnt major  

Judge: Mr John Ramerez


Conejo Kennel Club

April 18, 2014

Judge: Mr. Anthony Dinardo

1 point

Los Encinos Kennel Club

May 24,2014

Judge: Peggy Gutierrez-Otero

2 points


Angeles Canyon Dog Club

April 19,2014

Judge: Mrs. Shiela Dinardo

1 point

Bahia Sur Kennel Club

June 14, 2014

Judge Ms. Annella Cooper

1 point



Wins not photographed


Kennel Cub of Pasedena

May 31, 2014

Judge: Mr. Arrley D Hussin



Flagstff Kennel Club

June 7, 2014

Judge: L Jech


Kennel Club of pasedena

june 1, 2014

Judge: mr. michael a. brophy



Bahia Sur Kennel Club

June 15,2014

Judge: Mr Adrian Woodfork

2 pnts



Santa Barbara Kennel Club

August 2014

Judge: Mr Bruce Schwartz

3 point major

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